Cacao & Hazel Ceremony

  • Cacao & Hazel Ceremony

Cacao & Hazel Ceremony

Shamanic Sound Cacao Journey - Conscious Dance - Sacred Fire - Tribe

With Isla-Rose & Evan Hollingdale

💫Saturday 20th August
💫6.00pm - 10.00pm
💫Balwest, Cornwall (the cacao ceremony will be in a beautiful yurt, and the dance outside on the land)

For this next ceremony, we will be bringing the heart-soothing energy of Mumma cacao together with the magical energies of Hazel, to bring you a ceremony filled with wisdom, clarity and inspiration. We will be journeying deep into the otherworld to meet with both plant spirits for guidance and insights into our lives at this time. Evan and I will be guiding you on a shamanic sound journey with live instruments and channelled song, inside the beautiful Yurt, before easing out onto the land for a specially crafted dance journey to help move any stuck energy through your body and connect to the earth.

Ceremonial Cacao is a powerful heart-healing, heart-opening medicine who helps you to access joy, vision, clarity, bliss and ecstasy through gently guiding your heart to open. She helps us to delve deeper into the emotional wounds that may be keeping us stuck or in pain, and allows these heavier emotions and frequencies to shift and flow, creating deep healing. Hazel is considered a very sacred and magical tree, connected to the fairy realms and infused with lore and wisdom. Hazel has a sensual, mature depth and softness to her energy, combining so well with the decadent medicine of cacao. She can teach us the strength and courage to be reborn after being knocked down, again and again and again. As we transform and let go of old patterns, stories and beliefs that no longer serve us, she lets go of her branches and leaves when coppiced, allowing for fresh wisdom, medicine and stories to be born.

We are holding our ceremony at a different venue this time, and oh my does it feel special! Evan and I will be holding the shamanic cacao ceremony and sound journey in the big, beautiful Yurt. This is a beautiful piece of private land in Balwest, between Helston and Penzance, in Cornwall. We will then be guiding you out of the yurt-womb, and onto the earth-womb, to dance around a sacred fire on the land. We will cook up a big soup for after the dance, and there will be a chance to share your experience and receive stories from other beautiful beings too :)

We are so excited for this one!!! And really hope to see you there 🌟💫

All Our Love,

Isla-Rose & Evan-Pan x