Elhaz Woodcraft is an ever evolving project merging woodwork, Flutes, sound healing, herbalism, visionary art and traditional crafts.

Growing up in the UK, I have always felt a deep connection to my Celtic & Pagan ancestors who were guardians of this land. Their traditions, wisdom and memories are instilled in the living landscape and continuously inspire me and my creations. 

Above all my mission is to help people to answer the calls of our mother earth by guiding and teaching ways in which we can tune into our inherent connection to her.

I so believe that this is the key to a more sustainable, vibrantly wild and lightweight future on this earthship. 

Native Branch Flutes: 

One of the most tangible facets of Elhaz Woodcraft that I offer to bridge this connection to nature, the earth and the cosmos is through the humble Flute. These instruments, for myself and so many others, have served as a medium between the spirits of nature, a metaphor of spirit that also blows and sings through our hollow bones.

Each instrument is truly one of a kind, made with love and care in honour of the our ancestors who pasted down this art form. 

If you'd like any guidance to help you find the perfect instrument for you please send me a message in the 'contact' section of the website and I'll be happy to bring clarity and vision to your future instrument. 

Listen to samples of these flutes on my Soundcloud

Forest Blessings, 

Evan Ψ